KAIST INSTITUTE for Artificial Intelligence

KAIST INSTITUTE for Artificial Intelligence aims at world top class transdisciplinary research institute in artificial intelligence field covering fundamental and emerging topics together with their strategic applications with high impact.
KAIST INSTITUTE focuses on developing Artificial Brain with Brain-like Computing (Weak AI) and Brain Computing (Strong AI) capabilities based on Human Brain Cognitive Information Processing Mechanism and NBIC(Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) convergent technologies.

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API & 데이터 공개 및 사용 양식

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KAIST 인공지능연구소에서는 다음과 같이 API와 데이터를 공개하고 있습니다. 1. API (한국인 & 한국어 기반) 음성기반 감정 인식 - 음성이 포함된 사람의 동영상을 입력으로 받으며..

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[2019 가을 카오스강연 '도대체 都大體'] AI를 어떻게 키울지가 중요합니다 _이수영 소장

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[2019 가을 카오스강연 '도대체 都大體'] 석학인터뷰: AI를 어떻게 키울지가 중요합니다 (이수영 소장) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVbK7GlT1hs

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Speech Synthesis

Emotional Speech Synthesis for Korean

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